Hey, I’m Greg Keysar.  I wrestle photo-galactic images by day, and am a super-hero Dad by night.  Apart from photography, I’m passionate about family, music, and things that go “vroom.”  Glad you found me.

My absurdly-talented wife Krista and I are blessed with an incredibly beautiful daughter, Eliana, and a super studly son, Evan.  Then there’s Murphy, our above-average Golden.  My Volvo keeps my fingernails dirty and cycling keeps my mind clear.  A good album and time with my family and friends refuels me.

I get to take photos of rolling works of art, capturing moments and bringing them into the land of techni-color awesome.

I’m still in disbelief that I make a living doing something I love so much.

You seem awfully nice.  We should work together.

P.S. have current passport, will travel!




 Image courtesy of Jonathan Canlas

Image courtesy of Jonathan Canlas